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We are designing + building homes that prioritize the occupant and their wellbeing; with filtered air + water, large private + communal garden spaces, a ridiculous amount of light + air, open-air walkways, and finishes that promote a clean indoor air environment. Our homes are also produced with a small carbon footprint in collaboration with nature; operating 100% electric, powered largely by solar, rainwater harvesting, drought tolerant landscaping, recycled + recyclable materials, and thoughtful construction methods that result in far less waste.

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A ridiculous amount of light + air.

A key step toward reconnecting with nature is being able to see nature. SuperLA® homes feature expansive windows and glazed doors that provide an abundance of natural light and air into each home. Access to sunlight inside your home allows your body to follow the natural circadian rhythm, which is said to improve sleep quality, energy, and mood.

Exposed mass-timber structures.

Our projects prioritize the use of mass-timber elements such as Cross-Laminated Timber (“CLT”) and Glue-Laminated Timber (“Glulam”).

Mass-timber components are durable and better for the environment, while also bringing nature into all of our homes when left exposed. (That's not a veneer...)

We believe that sustainably forested mass-timber construction will play a large role in the future of environmentally friendly housing. So much so that the Bungalows on Marathon, is the first completed mass-timber multifamily housing project in Southern California’s history.

Filtered air + water.

While our city agencies work to provide clean drinking water to our homes, these agencies still heavily “treat” the water with chemicals in order to fight contaminants that exist in the underground piping system. As a result, water that comes from the city’s main often contain more disinfectants than the average swimming pool, among thousands of other contaminants.

To combat this, we have installed a building wide water treatment system with multiple carbon filtration tanks and UV sanitizers to filter down levels of disinfectant chemicals, PFAS and bacteria so that you can have access to significantly cleaner water at every fixture.

In addition to selecting materials that are Low VOC/off-gassing, we have also installed MERV-13 air filters in all homes to further improve your indoor air environment.

Open-air walkways + stairs surrounded by nature.

We think interior corridors are lame,so we got rid of them.

At our buildings you never have to enter an interior corridor before entering your home. All of our walkways and stairs are open-air and exterior-facing. They also wrap garden atriums and other green spaces.

100% electric.

We are all in on an all-electric future, which is why our buildings are 100% powered by electricity and free of all gas/fossil-fuelpowered equipment.

Electrifying our buildings is better for the present and future of our planet, while also protecting the quality of your indoor air environment. This means no harmful gases pour into your home, every time you cook or turn on your hot water.

Communal gardens + large private terraces.

Our buildings feature large private terrace spaces that add an additional ≈20% of square footage to your home's footprint.

In addition to private outdoor space, our buildings are filled with flora that bring nature to your doorstep, and we have thoughtfully incorporated common garden areas to provide more inviting spaces for gathering and reconnecting with nature.

Cost-free cross-ventilation.

You can feel it in the air.

To further prioritize collaborating and connecting you with nature, we have thoughtfully positioned windows to maximize cross ventilation. By harnessing the natural air flow, we aim to cool your home, enhance air quality, and further connect you with the outdoors. This approach not only proves cost-effective but also highly energy efficient, breaking away from the outdated reliance on mechanical cooling and ventilation systems.

Powered by solar.

We are focused on not only reducing our carbon footprint during construction, but also during operation.

As part of that commitment, we are covering every spare inch of rooftop space at our buildings with solar/PV panels to offset our power consumption as much as possible.

Renewable energy is super.

Plant-based homes.™

We create innovative plant-based homes that work in collaboration with the planet. Our homes feature renewable cork flooring, carbon-capturing exposed mass-timber structures, and millwork all sourced with environmentally friendly practices. With an abundance of natural light and air, our buildings create a refreshing and healthy living environment.

Additionally, our communal gardens, private terraces, and nature-integrated walkways enhance the connection to the outdoors, creating a habitat in harmony with the planet.

Drought tolerant landscaping.

We want our plant life to feel happy too.

We have prioritized planting drought-tolerant and native species to create a thriving landscape that feels right at home. Our landscaping requires minimal water, sequesters carbon, improves air quality, and provides a cooling effect for occupants. Reconnecting with nature is known to improve mental health and energy, and native plants contribute to the well-being of the local ecosystem by providing a habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies.

Why would you waste rainwater? That seems silly.

Our buildings incorporate an absurd amount of green space. As part of our focus to reduce consumption, we are capturing all rainwater that hits our site footprints, feeding it into tanks and then using it to water our plants.

Recycled materials + less waste.

Our building system sharply reduces waste that is commonly associated with other building projects. In addition to reducing waste, we prioritize the use of materials that are composed of recycled aggregate (eg: our countertops are composed of up to 80% recycled aggregate) and materials that can be recycled into other products at the end of their useful life.

High quality + durable components.

What’s more environmentally friendly than products that last?

At SuperLA® we believe that investing in quality pays off in the long run. We have prioritized high quality and durable components as they are proven to be lower maintenance and lower impact, reducing waste from constant replacements. Oh, and they look and feel better too.

EV charging stations.

EV charger access for all parking spaces. We are working on a few ideas to reduce car ownership amongst our occupants, but in the meantime we are providing EV charging station access for all parking spaces in our buildings.

Super efficient heat pumps.

Our buildings utilize a central air-sourced heat pump system for our hot water and an efficient air-sourced heat pump system to power each home’s HVAC. These systems are ≈80% more energy efficient than traditional electric resistance systems.

Bike parking.

We are prioritizing bike parking at every project we undertake. We want to make it as easy as possible to use a bike as your primary mode of transportation. Aside from being the most environmentally friendly mode of travel, with zero carbon emissions, biking can improve both mental & physical health while easing city congestion.

Walkable neighborhoods.

Living in walkable neighborhoods is another great way to foster an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Aside from saving you a trip in a car, being able to walk to restaurants, bars, coffee, grocery, and retail shops promotes a more healthy and interconnected community.

SuperLiving™ water + power reporting.

Knowledge is power.

We have been working to equip our spaces with the ability to track water and power consumption on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis, so that you can monitor your overall carbon footprint.

You will be able to see how your actions impact how much water you are using, or which appliances are drawing the most electricity. This will enable you to make informed decisions that will reduce your consumption, which is not only better for the planet, but also for your wallet.

(Coming soon.)