Develop your site with our products and system: SuperLA® Catalog Project

We can design and build a SuperLA® Catalog Project on your site using our housing products of your choice (ie. Bungalows, NiceOut, etc.). Alternatively, we can suggest the most suitable housing product for your land based on data from similar completed projects (ie. what will generate the most optimal return on your investment). Our SuperOS™ approach streamlines the development process, providing a single point of contact for design, permitting, construction, and management of your SuperLA® Catalog Project. This option enables you to benefit from the cost and schedule savings associated with a SuperLA® development, resulting in a superior housing product completed on your site in a third of the time it would take for a custom white box project approached the traditional way; all while maintaining affordability and sustainability.

Develop your site with a custom product that we will design and build for you: SuperLA® Partner Project

If our current product offerings do not align with your project goals, and assuming your project vision aligns with our mission (For You, For Earth, For All), we would be happy to collaborate with you and your team on a custom home/building type. As your project partner, SuperLA® will design, build, and manage your project from start to finish. A SuperLA® Partner Project will benefit from many of the same efficiencies of a SuperLA® Catalog Project by drawing from our book of systems, finishes, details, and knowledge to deliver homes that prioritize the occupant and the planet. Additionally, it will also enjoy the schedule savings achieved through our SuperOS™ project delivery system.

Traditional design & construction services.

Our team of architects, designers, contractors and engineers can also consult on your project based on your specific needs. We can act as a designer to consult on spatial planning, systems guidance and/or material selections. We can also provide full architectural services, leading your project through conceptual planning, design development, permitting, construction documentation and construction administration phases. If you are interested in designing and building a mass-timber project, we can leverage our experience completing the first multifamily CLT project in Southern California to assist you. In summary, we are passionate about being involved in projects and are flexible in our approach. Feel free to reach out and see how we can assist you.

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